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Make free CALLS from computer on Tellephone

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Mesazh nga kosova1990 prej Sun Apr 26, 2009 7:08 am

Using this VOIP program, you can call landline numbers in any country for FREE. FreeCall is still a Freeware app but you only get 300 minutes a week. To bypass this restriction: Keep the setup.exe. Freecall's protection system is quite flawed, when the program announces you cannot use any more minutes = Uninstall and reinstall and it will reset your 300 minutes which only takes a moment. A)You MUST make an account with the program when it loads up. Then when your logged in (it will say at the bottom: 'The client is logged on') B)Go to the dial pad TAB, ignore the on screen buttons, at the bottom type in your number and remember you need to add country codes at the beginning - NO spaces in the number either. C) And it does do all countries for free - i've used it from NZ to england, USA, Spain and Aussie and they used it back. D) If it didn't work, you need to check your firewall settings etc, this is an obvious but a program like this needs full access. You can call for free in next countries : Argentina free* Australia free* Austria free* Belgium free* Canada free* Czech Republic free* Denmark free* France free* Germany free* Hong Kong (+mobile) free* Hungary free* Ireland free* Italy free* Luxembourg free* Malaysia free* Netherlands free* New Zealand free* Norway free* Poland free* Portugal free* Puerto Rico (+mobile) free* Russian Federation free* Singapore free* Slovenia free* South Korea free* Spain free* Sweden free* Switzerland free* Taiwan free* United Kingdom free* United States (+mobile) free*

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