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Hackman Suite Pro 9.02

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Pa ikon Hackman Suite Pro 9.02

Mesazh nga kosova1990 prej Sun Apr 26, 2009 7:11 am

Hackman Suite is a multi-module all purpose debugging tool. It includes a hex editor, a disassembler, a template editor, a hex calculator and other everyday useful tools to assist programmers and code testers with the most common tasks.

With Hackman Editor you can edit any type of file in your hard disk, even your hard disk itself. Data are presented in 5 different ways (modes):
ASCII, Hex, Binary, Octal, Decimal
With Hackman Professional, you can edit in all six modes, while with Hackman Lite, you can edit only in Hex & ASCII (as in the common hex editors).

Here's a partial feature list:
Edit any binary files
Disk Editor
RAM Editor
Unlimited undo/redo with undo/redo lists
Clipboard control: cut, copy, paste, paste special, clear clipboard
Highly sophisticated find and replace
Unlimited watches and bookmarks
Numerous conversion modes, including Java, C++, VB, ASCII, text and more
Patch Maker
MS-DOS Executable Maker
Checksums: CRC16/32, MD5, SHA1 and more
Cryptographic capabilities (Skipjack, NSA, RCA algorithms)
Live update to constantly keep your copy up-to-date
Support for macros and template editing
Command bar
Numerous Plugins and External Tools
Highly customizable: reconfigure toolbar, shortcuts, menus, anything!
Available in more than 20 languages!
Unparallel extension capabilities: build your own plugins easily
Help books online
And more....

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