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Webroot Window Washer

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new Webroot Window Washer

Mesazh nga kosova1990 prej Sat Jan 02, 2010 5:54 am

Extensive Wash Areas Window Washer scrubs hundreds of areas on your PC to remove unnecessary files to ensure your privacy and free up valuable disk space. Browser Activity Eraser Window Washer cleans all aspects of your browser activity, including Internet history, address bar, cache, cookies, and more. Firefox users now enjoy the same online privacy protection that users of Internet Explorer, AOL and Netscape already enjoy. Permanent Bleaching Bleach, an encryption feature, completely overwrites files with random characters to make them unrecoverable. This feature is so powerful it exceeds the tough standards of the Department of Defense and the National Security Agency.

Free Space Cleaner Free space on your computer contains portions of old and previously deleted files and documents. Window Washer now cleans this area making the files you deleted earlier permanently unrecoverable. One-click Shredder Window Washer lets you simply and conveniently shred a folder and all of its contents, or just a single file, in one step. Just a simple right-click will permanently overwrites these files, making them unrecoverable. Critical File Protection Window Washer includes built-in safety features to help prevent you from accidentally removing important files.

Alerts prompt you to confirm your request to delete special folders, like system folders, My Documents, My Photos, and others, so they remain safe from unintentional deletions. Smart Cookie Saver Window Washer deletes the cookies you don't want and lets you keep and save those you do. That way you maintain your preferred Internet settings and log-ins for all your favorite sites. Flexible Washes During a wash, Window Washer automatically cleans the latest versions of your favorite programs such as Microsoft Office, Google Search Toolbar, iTunes, Adobe Flash Player, Adobe Acrobat and hundreds more, to keep these programs running smoothly.

Automatic Wash Cycles You can set Window Washer to automatically clean your system at specified intervals, like at shut down or start up. For added security, we recommend setting Window Washer to wash when you close your Internet browser. Total System Erase Window Washer can be set to fully erase your hard drive, files, programs and operating system for easy re-formatting. Consider using this feature if you're donating or selling your PC and you don't want your files to be seen by strangers.

What's New in Version 6.5
- Windows Vista Compatible
- Expanded application cleaning for over 470 3rd party programs
- Updated interface makes it faster and easier to keep your privacy
- Erases tracks of sites you've visited
- Removes thousands of unnecessary files
- Increases computer performance
- Securely removes files using government standards
- Highly rated by independent reviews
- Can be set to clean your computer on a regular schedule

Size : 5.3 MB

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