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Virtual CD Retail

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new Virtual CD Retail

Mesazh nga dj47 dr3q prej Wed Mar 03, 2010 5:14 am

Virtual CD Retail | 103MB

Virtual CD creates images of
your optical media, so you can use them at any time without having the physical
medium on hand. Your data is available exactly as if the medium was in the
drive, without the disadvantages attendant, for example, on network shares. The
images created can be stored on a server to enable simultaneous access by
multiple users. When creating an image, you have the option of selecting the
level of compression and, if desired, even encryption. You get maximum
availability of your data, while lost, damaged and stolen media become a thing
of the past. With a simple left click on the Virtual CD symbol you arrive at the
program menu where you can utilize all important Virtual CD functions. If you
click on the symbol with the right mouse key, the drive menu opens. Here you can
e.g. insert and eject images or insert blank CDs in the virtual

Not only does Virtual CD serve you with its well-engineered
ergonomy, but it also keeps the security of your data in mind. To protect
sensitive data and to keep files confidential, you can use a virtual DVD RAM
blank CD as an encrypted fixed disk with up to 17.5 GB. After entering your
password, you can read and write your data on it as if you were using a regular
fixed disk. In the background, Virtual CD codes the data on-thy-fly with the
safe AES 256bit-encryption without your noticing anything.

? With Virtual
CD you can create compressed 1:1 copies (virtual CDs/DVDs) to your hard drive.
You can then store your originals safely in a cabinet! Your virtual CDs are then
available with a simple click or even automatically with the autostart of the
corresponding program.
? With Virtual CD you receive up to virtual drives
that behave just like the "real" physical CD/DVD drives - except that they are
up to 200x faster! The only noise you hear is music or the applictions sounds,
and all you need to do is play, work and enjoy.
? Nobody needs to handle
fragile CDs any more in order to run applications. Your children don't need to,
nor do your colleagues or you yourself!
? Music, games, searching programs,
grafic programs - all will be loaded faster and is immediately accessible. You
can simultaneously use a number of different CD programs without needing to
purchase a number of CDdrives - this pays off quickly.
? Millions of private
and professional users worldwide enjoy the advantages of Virtual CD since 1998.
Each year coveted awardes confirm how easy Virtual CD is to operate - thus it
will undoubtedly earn your enthousiasm. Whether game-CDsm route planners,
lexicons, reference CDs - with Virtual CD you have everything at hand.
Virtual CD copies your CDs and DVDs to the hard drive of your PC or Server using
highly efficient data compression techniques. The virtual CDs are then run in
virtual CD drives which are automatically set up in Windows and have all the
functions and features of physical CD drives.

? No need to change discs manually
? Up to 23 media simultaneously
accessible ? unlimited number on the hard drive
? Faster launch and load
times ? up to 200 x CD speed
? Original media protected from loss and
? Conserves laptop battery power
? Ideal complement to netbooks and
other subnotebooks without optical drives
? Simultaneous access, even in
private networks

? Centralized media library
Easy-to-use access controls for all media and users, including usage statistics
(with VCD NMS)
? Fast and easy content serving over the entire network
Optimized price structure compared to hardware-based solutions
? High
scalability ? up to several thousand users
? Easy to create individually
adapted client setups that enable only specified features

Here is a brief
overview of the new features:
? Completely revised user interface
Support for Blu-ray and HD DVD
? Optimized readout functions for broader
? Compatible with Windows 7
? Data safe mode
? Sound file
? Direct burning functions
? Direct drive access through desktop

What's new in Virtual CD v10.1:
? Help file with integrated
videos; online video library with workshop videos. The extensive online help in
Virtual CD now includes videos that give you detailed explanations, in text and
images, of the many VCD functions. We are also setting up a library of workshop
videos at the VCD website to help you get the most out of Virtual CD.
Extended task assignment options. The task assignment dialogs in Virtual CD made
version 10 easier to use than its predecessors. In Virtual CD 10.1 even more
options have been added to these dialogs, so you can choose from a broader range
of tasks to be executed on double-click. Even the selection of post-CD burning
actions has been extended.
? Extended options for desktop drive icons. The
drive icons that Virtual CD creates on the desktop are among the most popular
features in Virtual CD 10. Especially for USB flash drives and other removable
media, these functions mark a tremendous gain in convenience. In the 10.1
update, the display options in this feature have been enhanced.
? New options
in the Image Wizard and Image Writer. Now you can add more files to images. You
can also interrupt the creation process and restart it at a later point?the
process picks up where it left off.
? Improved file system compatibility for
VCD images. The image files created by Virtual CD can sometimes exceed the
handling capacity of certain file systems. That is why we have now integrated
the option of dividing large image files into multiple smaller files. This
feature can be enabled globally, so that it is active by default, or
individually, while creating an image.
? Improvements in the CD Control
Center and the Editor. The comprehensive filtering and display options have been
expanded yet again, so that even large CD collections can be searched quickly
and easily for a particular track. In the Editor, working sequences have been
further optimized for faster results than ever.

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